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Collaborative Divorce Texas

       The Collaborative Divorce approach is a settlement process that focuses on helping couples and their families find their way to respectful resolution, creating an emotionally safe environment for the parties to express their interests and goals, negotiate and resolve their conflict without going to court.

       The Collaborative Divorce process recognizes that, even though a marriage may be ending, relationships and obligations often continue, especially when children are involved. It allows spouses to formulate agreements that focus on their most important individual and mutual goals. This process helps all family members, even extended family, learn how to move forward in a positive way – focused on the future, rather than dwelling on arguments and disputes of the past.

       The Collaborative Divorce process results in solutions that each person impacted by a divorce – especially children – to have the best post-divorce lives possible. Parents divorcing collaboratively are better able to protect their children from the damaging effects of a highly contentious divorce and preserve more of their mutual respect for each other as parents.

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Denton County Collaborative Professionals

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