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Robin Watts, M.S.

Licensed Professional Counselor

New Ways for Families® Parent Educator

Collaborative Divorce Mental Health Professional

Parenting Facilitator/Coordinator

Reunification Therapist

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

     My primary role as your therapist is to help you determine what sort of life you want to live and help you to create it. I don't use a 'one size fits all' approach but a mixed Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral approach rooted in Family Systems Theory. I also work with the family courts as a treating expert, a very different role than that of a traditional psychotherapist. As a forensically-informed Collaborative Divorce Mental Health Professional, Parenting Facilitator/Coordinator, Reunification Therapist, and New Ways for Families Parent Educator, I may be able to use my knowledge to help you satisfy requirements in a legal setting.

     The bulk of my practice involves issues regarding children's adjustment to divorce, alienation and estrangement dynamics, children's suggestibility, and the impact of parental conflict on healthy child development. Treating high-conflict families requires professional objectivity, a balanced perspective, and an understanding of complex systemic factors.

     Like you, I have feelings and opinions based on a vast array of life experiences. At the core of any successful treatment is a genuine relationship between the client and the therapist. We won't have a good relationship unless I am real with you, so that's what you will get. I believe the "painful truth" is more conducive to growth than a "comforting lie."

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