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Collaborative Divorce Denton County    
When a marriage is ending, and divorce is inevitable, the Collaborative Law Process enables the parties to work through the issues of the case in a civilized manner.  The Denton County Collaborative Professionals believe that this approach is a better option because it allows the divorcing parties to effectively co-parent (if they have children) and to end the marriage without destroying the family’s relationships and financial estate.  

In the Collaborative Law Process, each client has his or her own attorney, and there are two neutral professionals to assist and support the clients—a financial professional who assists the clients in gathering financial information and developing budgets and a mental health professional who serves as the communications coach and assists the parents in developing a parenting plan when they have minor children. Each of these Collaborative Law Professionals is specially trained in interest-based negotiation. Interest-based negotiation techniques are used to help the clients discover their goals and interests develop options, evaluate the options and negotiate a final settlement. By helping the clients negotiate an agreement that is based on their individual and collective goals and interests, the Collaborative Process enables clients to leave the relationship with a satisfactory and durable agreement, created by them and customized to their family’s needs.  For more information, go to:

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